Bass Lab PLUS Membership Questions
How do I modify, access or cancel my Bass Lab PLUS subscription?
You can modify and view your account through the link below:

Access The Customer Hub

If you wish to cancel your Bass Lab PLUS Membership subscription or need any help please mail us at

[email protected]

and we'll get that processed for you.

Can I adjust my subscription settings directly inside PayPal?

Yes you can... however we respectfully ask you to not touch them.

The reason being the slightest change can cause access issues on our website. It's a delicate ecosystem!

If you wish to modify anything in PayPal please contact our support team and we will do this for you.

Thank you in advance for this!
What are the membership options available?
You can join the Bass Lab PLUS as either a yearly or monthly member.

We encourage you to join as a yearly member because time and time again we have students achieve extraordinary results when they focus over a longer period of time.

You will also be able to get up to 4 months FREE too.

Please contact our support team on [email protected] if you wish to discus which plan would be right for you.
I'm on a monthly plan, can I swap to yearly?
Yes! Just contact our support team on [email protected] We'll also ensure you get given a loyalty discount too!
Purchase Questions
I've purchased an eBassGuitar product or course and it hasn't arrived...
The common reason for this situation is there is a typo in the email address you have used to purchase and so easily done.
If you are missing a product you have purchased, please firstly check your Spam & Promotions tab in your email client, then contact the eBassGuitar support team on [email protected]

Please supply as much information as possible so we can hunt down your purchase and get you grooving as soon as we can.
Can I access the lessons I purchased any time I want?
Yes - 100%. You get 24/7 access via the eBassGuitar website. Just login and get learning - simple as that.
Will I get mailed a CD/DVD for the course?
All of our courses are online so you access them 24/7 wherever you are in the world.
Course Questions & Download Questions
If a course is called " 30 Day... will I be able to access it after the 30 day period?
Absolutely. If you purchase an eBassGuitar product you get life time access to it. If you purchase a Bass Lab PLUS membership you get unlimited access to the course for the duration of your membership.

You are also under no obligation to take the course in 30 days either. Everything is self paces and designed to work around your schedule.

A download I requested hasn't arrived...
If you've requested one of our many bass guitar downloads and it hasn't yet arrived please firstly check your spam and promotions tab in your email client.

If you still have no luck please contact our friendly support team and we'll get it sent out to you.
Questions For James
Does James offer private Skype lessons?
James has a super busy schedule but does take on a few Skype students every so often. You need to be hungry, committed and prepared to put the graft in! If that's you... send me an email at [email protected]
Account Concerns
How do I change my password?
To change your password, once logged in, go to my courses.

At the top right corner of the website will be your avatar with a drop down menu. Please click PROFILE.

There will be a password section. Please type your desired password and then click UPDATE.
Need Help?
You can send us an email for further help. Our support
team will respond as soon as possible!