Announcing: A 12-Week "Blues Immersion" Coaching Program That Turns You Into A Blues Bass Badass Faster Than You Thought Possible - Guaranteed!
Program Starts: January 8, 2024
Get Personalized Feedback, Regular Performance Opportunities, Guided Instruction, Group Coaching, Community-driven Motivation, and MUCH more...
Despite an endless supply of youtube videos and free tabs, many of us simply aren't becoming the bass players we want to be.
After years (or even decades) of trying to play, progress feels slow or even non-existent.

What's going on here?

Maybe you can relate to these comments from our community:

• "There are so many options and I get bombed with new programs and videos that it makes it difficult to complete anything".

• "I need to stop watching training videos and actually pick up the bass".

• "It's very easy to collect courses rather than do them".

• "I find myself watching other bass players when I should spend the time practising".

• "Too much to learn! Arrggh! I can't tell which is most critical. Scales! Modes! Shapes! Rhythm! Reading! Blues! Walking bass! Rock! Slap! Riffs! Fills! I need focus, a clear way to proceed, step after step."

Well, I've got some good news
On this page I'll show you how to ditch the YouTube cover videos, and tabs...and discover a new, faster way to learn, create, play and improvise epic Blues bass lines.
Hi it's James Eager from eBassGuitar.

It doesn't matter if you're a brand new player or a seasoned pro...

If you're struggling to make the progress you want with self-study courses and YouTube videos...

And are excited to build real-world Blues skills as quickly as possible...

This will be the most important message you will read all year.

In fact, here's my promise:
Sign up today for the 90-Day Blues Accelerator Challenge and you'll make more progress as a Blues bass player in 12 weeks than you did in the last 12 months - or your money back!
Why am I making this bold promise?

You may find this strange to hear coming from me - but I'm deeply concerned about the state of online bass education.

We have more choices than ever to learn bass.

With "fingertip" access to more videos, quality courses, and instructors than any time in history.
You'd think any player who wanted to get good at Blues bass would be in heaven!

And yet, instead of bringing us peace of mind and fresh skills...
For Some Players, This Easy Access To Unlimited Instruction Is Triggering Frustration, Anxiety And Overwhelm.
With 24/7 access to online courses, videos and tabs...
Why are so many passionate bass players STILL struggling to get better?
What's missing?

As a bass educator, this has been a burning question for me over the last couple of years.

I needed to find a better way to help those students who needed more than a self study option.

So I thought back to times in my life when I made MASSIVE progress in my playing to see if I could discover what the magic recipe was.

Unquestionably, my most rapid learning experience was when I went to music college in London.
Why did the Music College environment help me (and all the other musicians) get good so quickly?
Trinity College of Music, London - This is where I went to college for 4 years
It was simple really, we had:

A clear path of study

The college gave us a course of instruction to work through which was highly thought out... organized and focused.

(I didn't spend my days sorting through YouTube videos trying to decide what I wanted to learn).

Personalized feedback

I had a coach (or a professor as they liked to call it)... and every single week I got feedback on my bass playing. (I always knew what was good and what I needed to improve so I never stayed "stuck in a rut" for more than a few days).

Accountability and motivation

We had regular performances to demonstrate our playing. Having a 'gig' to prepare for every week focuses the mind. (Showing up unprepared was embarrassing - so I was very motivated to put the time in practicing).

FUN and inspiration

I was learning with a group of like-minded musicians which meant I was going through the same experience with other folks in the same position as me...

They gave more support, encouragement, a good kick up the backside at times... and I made friends for life.
Turns out this combination of structured learning, personal feedback, "Performance motivation" and group support holds the secret for rapidly improving YOUR bass skills too.
Nowadays we have instant access to all the bass knowledge, tips, tricks, and tabs we could ever want.

Yet clearly knowledge alone isn't enough.

Otherwise we'd all be badass bass players.
Without personalized feedback, regular performances, and support from a like-minded community...
It's easy to see why so many students 'drift', lose motivation, or even quit playing.
As an instructor and producer of online courses - this was deeply important for me to address.
I went on a mission to figure out exactly how to create that same intense "music school", rapid learning environment for my online bass students.
I needed a solution that gives you:
● A structured approach with "building blocks" to keep you moving to the next level (no matter what skill level you currently are)

● An opportunity to practice and share what you have learned (playing songs for my fellow students and instructors was a major motivator for me to keep improving)

● Personal feedback from a professional instructor (It's hard to spot our blind spots, or be sure what to focus on. Personal guidance for your particular situation is KEY)

● The fun, motivation, support and encouragement that comes from being in a group of bass players all learning Blues bass skills together.
That was the catalyst for me to develop 'The Challenge System' for accelerated bass learning.
Program Starts: 7th March 2022
You're invited to join a group of passionate bass players for a 90-day deep-dive into the Blues.

Blues is the foundation for almost all other styles of popular music

Mastering the fundamental Blues structure and forms gives you the foundation to play bass in many other styles of music and build your general musicianship.

If you're keen 'to get out there' and start performing or jamming live with other musicians - Blues is the perfect getaway from the practice room to the stage!
You'll be learning how to implement my Six Module Blues System so you can:
● Understand how to create & jam your own Blues bass lines.

● Learn how to use passing notes, scales, triads, turnarounds, and create interesting, and expressive Blues riffs in the real world.

● Leave the tab behind and start creating bass lines in the moment.

● Go from playing your very first Blues bass lines to confidently jamming in any key.

 Learn (and record) 6 legendary Blues songs, along with the unique techniques behind each of them

● Practice important skills such as transposition, fingerboard knowledge, bass line creation and music theory which can be applied to every single style of music.

● Discover how the Blues greats from Tommy Shannon to Donald Duck Dunn, Jack Bruce to Willie Dixon create their Blues bass lines to world class hit records.

 Understand how to play and create Blues bass lines inspired by legendary Blues artists such as Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton, Cream, BB King, Quincy Jones/Ray Charles & Gary Moore.

● And much more...
● The fundamentals of how to play 12 bar Blues sequence and forms - in different tempos, keys and styles

● How to support the band both rhythmically and harmonically as a Blues bassist.

● How to keep the song pushing forward with the right energy.

● Developing sensitivity to the music and an authentic Blues feel to your playing.

● The role of note length and how to use tension and release.

● How to make playing the Blues fun, playful, and exciting.

● Conveying attitude and emotion with your playing

● Effortlessly transposing the Blues into different keys

● Understanding the technicalities of how to play riffs, turnarounds, introductions, fills, run-ups and endings in the context of Blues.

● Creating a slow 12/8 feel without rushing or speeding up

● The foundations of incorporating Walking Bass into your Blues bass playing

● And more...
Once you've got these foundational Blues skills you have a springboard to every other style of music (because any style of music is made up of sequences and forms).

And because of the relative simplicity of the forms, Blues is just such a great way to absorb this kind of CORE musical knowledge.

The kind of core knowledge that allows you to get through a gig in a variety of songs and styles without breaking a sweat.

And that's what the challenge gives you.

The skills to express yourself and be confident with a bunch of different situations that could be thrown at you on a Blues jam session
The simplicity of the music means it's so easy for even beginning bass players to "sit in" and not be intimidated

Blues is ideal for getting that first step out of the practice room or the bedroom into the stage and jamming with other musicians.

You'll have a sense of what's coming in the song (no need to have every note memorized because you will instinctively know what's coming up and respond on the spot with confidence)

"The challenge pushed me hard, but it made me realize, 'I do know quite a bit!' and this is helping me understand what I know and then where I need to go from here. So it's a big eye-opener.

"I love the support, accountability and encouragement you get from other members of the group and the coaches. You also learn to record on videos and that is a great learning tool.

What James teaches is easy to understand and allows you to go out into the real world and play right away

"Even though you might not be the best bass player in the world, within weeks, you can see the progress that you have made."


"There's this awesome feeling that comes when you're learning from the best.

"James isn't just some intermediate player, two years ahead of you or whatever. You're learning from someone who really knows what he's talking about.

"And I think that that's definitely a huge advantage to have when you're learning bass."

—Chris Palmerone

How The Challenge Works
The format of the Accelerator is 90 Days Long.

There are 6 modules which last two weeks each.

For each module the object of the exercise is learn a set of 'Blues bass skills' and apply them to a song

Every 2 weeks we'll focus on one legendary Blues track and develop a core set of bass skills from my Six Module System for Blues Bass.

Each module comes with video lessons, PDFs and MP3s

You are encouraged to log your practice, so you can track progress across the 90 days. You'll also get a personal Practice Tracker to log your progress.

At the end of each 2-week module you'll be able to submit a video so you can get personalized feedback on what to work on next.
Module Structure
● Within each module there are upto 4-5 video lessons

● The first 3-4 video lessons teach the skills for the module.

● Skill videos are divided into levels 1,2, and 3

● You can complete the program doing only level 1 videos. However, the level 2 and 3 videos are there if you want to go deeper into the techniques

● The final video is a "tips" video which teaches the specifics of the song and how to apply the skills to modules.

● You can get incredible value and see fast progress with only 60 minutes a week of dedicated practice.
PDF lesson Notes
You get a set of comprehensive PDF lesson notes for each module.

Each PDF includes:

● Text descriptions for each video lesson to supplement what's taught on screen.

● Standard Notation

● Tablature

● Fretboard Diagrams where appropriate.
Video Submission of Each Song for Personal Feedback
You are highly encouraged to make a video at the end of each module.

This is an incredibly POWERFUL educational tool for two reasons:

ONE - You get feedback on the parts of your playing where you need the MOST help.

(We don't want you uploading "perfect" videos - we want to see where you're struggling so we can help you smash through those limitations)

TWO - because it gently guides you to bring your playing to "gig" standard in a safe, supportive environment

(learning complete songs on a regular basis and getting feedback from your band is the "cycle of life" for a performing bassist. This is your chance to experience that cycle 6 times and learn more each time).

Videos will be watched by your coaches and peers in the group and this creates a healthy state of competition and community.
Live Training & Q&A Calls
As part of the 90 Day Challenge there are also 6 weekly live training calls.

These are a great moment to get the whole of the team together and for you to ask me and the other coaches questions on the content.
Blues Accelerator Private Facebook Group
You'll join the 90 Day Blues Accelerator Facebook Group where you'll get support, accountability and encouragement.

(Plus meet a lot of other passionate bassists who are dedicated to leveling up their playing)... and going through exactly the same powerful process as you

This is where you'll also submit videos so the coaches (and other members) can give you valuable feedback.
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BONUS: Custom Blues backing tracks
For each module we supply comprehensive backing tracks.

All backing tracks are custom made for this program by world class multi instrumentalist Simon King.

This means they are unique to this program (and also sound fantastic).

You get the feel of what it's like to play with a professional standard band.

Each module also has a 'Performance Track' which is modelled from a well known song but without the bass line.

This will allow you to play along with either the performance song or original track when it's time to submit your videos.

Plus - we also supply 'Practise Tracks'.

These are shorter tracks so you can practice specific skills to a dedicated backing track..

This will enable you to take the contents of the Six Stage Blues system, which you will learn in the challenge, and keep developing and practicing it, long after the challenge has finished
I Carefully Designed The Challenge To Be The Closest You Can Get To A Semester Of Music School - Without Paying Thousands Of Dollars In Tuition
Until now it's been very difficult to find this combination of motivation, personal feedback, structured "building block" lessons, and musical community unless you were in music school (or actively playing with a band).

Music school is very expensive and simply not an option for most people with careers or families to support.

And with the current state of the world, live gigs are harder to find.
Joining the Blues Accelerator Challenge not only "downloads" a huge amount of Blues knowledge to your brain and fingers...
It connects you with other bass players from around the world.

In a time when we find ourselves more isolated, this is a great way to make connections and have some fun with like minded folks.

"The challenge really pushes you... You've got two weeks to put this thing together. You've got to do a video and all that stuff, but you have a plan, which is which I really liked.

"Plus, I got to meet other guys in the group. Now I've got a couple friends in the UK and then Croatia and in the States and across Canada. And that was probably the best part of the whole thing."

—Merle Peters

Fits a busy lifestyle - if you find 60 minutes a week, you'll easily keep up and complete the program.

No decisions to make, no overwhelm - every practice session is clearly laid out, has a clear purpose, and helps you get practical skills you can use immediately.

Avoid the pressure that comes from being your own teacher AND student - Trying to design your own practice routine and curriculum - PLUS put in the practice - can be overwhelming and lead to overwhelm and slower progress. We've done the work to create an amazing Blues education for you.

Bite sized lessons focused on specific Blues techniques - every step builds your foundation and is directly related to the song you're learning.

You're going to learn a wide range of Blues styles - so you can be confident jamming in any setting.
What you learn here will easily apply to rock, pop and other styles.

The "Simplicity" of Blues forms lets you focus on technique, expression - and connecting to the emotion of the music.

Not just "parroting" notes from a video - you'll know WHY and WHEN to play the notes.

You can't fall "behind" - it's completely fine to go at your own pace.

Each lesson is structured to work for beginner, intermediate and advanced players.

(No matter where you are in your bass journey, you'll make steady progress for the entire program).

This 90-day experience reconnects you to the Blues and your love of playing bass. You'll spend more time with the bass in your hand (instead of your finger on a mouse)

"I need to have some kind of structure in order to learn.

"James' lessons are real world. So what he's teaching you, you can directly apply to playing a song. And I think that's really, really important. It's not just some theoretical thing. You're using this stuff to play a song.

"Each week you get a new song that you have to learn and he has lessons that go along with the song. You go through the lessons and then you perfect the song and you record it at the end and post it onto a private group.

"I found that really good, because first of all, there were other people that were going to see you play and it forced you to go above and beyond to make sure that you really learned that piece of music to the best of your ability.

"The videos were sharp. They were to the point. They were easy to understand and the PDFs that he supplied to go along with the lessons were excellent.

James is the real deal... he can play and he's awesome."

—Terry Sinclair
If You Follow Along, I Guarantee You Will Make Huge Jumps In Technique:
Regular practice sessions and "performance" recordings will make your fingers more fluid and comfortable.

Synchronize your left and right hand timing as you learn to groove with these legendary tracks.

Move up and down the neck with confidence - learn to combine Blues shapes so they are seamless and you don't have to think about them to use them.

Improvisation skills will soar as you "absorb" the structures and forms of each Blues song. You'll feel the confidence when the band moves away from what's in the music of what you've memorized
"There's no question of the value. I mean, the cost relative to the amount of information is fantastic.

Then there's the practicality. In other words, the manner in which James teaches. He teaches theory, but you learn it in a manner that's applicable in real life situations... It's really easy to get into the weeds and instruction and go over your student's heads.. But James has a manner of teaching that speaks to me.

"And then there's this community that he's created.

"Every piece fits together. You know, it's kind of a lock and key sort of thing. You have the instructional materials that elevate your playing, and then you have the community that gives you the encouragement and the support to stay at it. It made me a bassist."

—Steven Micklin
You'll Gain Knowledge And Skills That Will Not Only Make You A Better Bass Player - You'll Become A Better Musician:
  • Embellishing simple bass lines tastefully
  • How to make use of offsets to create tension and release
  • Anticipating the chord changes and recognizing what's being played
  • Understand harmony and how bass can change the entire chord that the guitar is playing
  • Building a solid rhythmic foundation so you can groove and drive the songs forward with precision and momentum.
  • And much more.
In The End You'll Walk Away With A Strong Foundation For Your Playing That Will Help You Switch Between Genres And Play Seamlessly With Other Musicians.

"This [challenge] is the cherry on the cake...

"I feel like I'm getting somewhere, you know, and I'm really, really happy.

"I've tried in-person lessons and other bass courses, but this is it now. I don't need anything else."

—Bev Taylor

If You Want To Get Really Good - But You Don't Have The Time To Spend Hours Practicing...
If you'd like to add more Blues songs to your repertoire (and learn to play them like a boss)

If you don't have a group or band pushing you to improve...

Then the 90 Day Blues Accelerator Challenge is the perfect way to create that "rapid learning environment" and make massive progress in the next 90 days.

It gives you a goal, a clear plan, a deadline and an efficient way to practice.

You'll know exactly what to focus on over the next 90 days to become a beast of a Blues bassist - step-by-step lesson plans for each song, laid out for you with videos, tabs and worksheets for all skill levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced). get the critical pieces missing from most online learning:
Accountability and personalized feedback to ensure that you reach your goals and stay on track
It was important to me this program was priced affordably, but also allowed us to give the kind of personalized attention that helps players break through their roadblocks.

For comparison, 4x 30-minute private lessons a month with a professional bass player as your teacher would cost at least $200/month.

3 months of private lessons, would come out to $600.

And that still wouldn't give you the community support, the 6 group coaching calls, the custom backing tracks, or the 6 "performance" recording opportunities that will motivate you to stay on track.

After looking at the economics of paying my coaches and delivering 90 days of personalized feedback, I've decided half the price of 3 months of private lessons is fair.

Which means you can join as a student for the entire 90-Day Blues Accelerator Challenge for only $299.
Wait- let me give you $100 off.

And if that's still a little out of your budget, you can choose to make 3 payments of $69

So right now I want to invite you to click the button below save your spot for the 90 day Blues Accelerator Challenge

I would love to help you and give you the support and accountability to become a significantly better Blues bass player in the next 90 days
Program Starts: 7th March 2022
Here's A Summary Of You Get With The Blues Accelerator Challenge:
6 modules of instruction learning complete songs (Every two weeks you'll focus on one legendary Blues track and develop a core set of bass skills as you learn the song. Includes full instructional videos and tabs. )

6 Live Training & Q&A Calls - These are great opportunities for you to ask me and the other coaches questions on the content and get direct feedback.

Custom high-quality blues backing tracks for each song - Made specifically for this challenge, you get the feel of what it's like to play with a professional standard band. Includes tracks with and without basslines)

6 video performance opportunities - Once every module you can record yourself playing the song and submit it to the private Facebook group. This is an amazing way to stay motivated and level up your skills)

Personal feedback from our coaches - If you're in the 'PRO' level of the challenge, whenever you submit your video, you'll get personal tips and feedback from one of our professional coaches to help you improve your playing.

Full 90-day satisfaction guarantee - Go through the entire challenge and if you're not convinced it's the best bass education you've ever had, we'll refund every penny - no questions asked.

"Before I did the challenge, I struggled on theory because I'm not well versed in it.

"I was in a band that played 50s and 60s songs "parrot fashion" off of YouTube. So I didn't really understand how all these notes become songs and how they come out and chords and this sort of thing.

"Then we started the challenge. I was just gobsmacked with what I learned even in the first module!

"You get the lesson written out, a PDF, videos, and backing tracks. It explains what you're playing and why you're playing it, whereas before I just learned 'parrot fashion'... I didn't know what key I was in or what riff I was playing.

As you go through the challenge, it gets more in-depth and you learn a lot more. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I learned so much."

—Kev Presnell

Obviously, there are a limited number of challenge students we can support at one time and still give them personal attention.

If we find we're unable to provide the highest level of support and feedback to our students - we'll have to pause this offer until some of our students complete the program.

That means you could be waiting up to 3 months for the next spot to open up.

If you're ready to become the Blues bass badass you've always wanted to be, click the button now and choose the payment option that's right for you:
As with everything we do here, you are FULLY PROTECTED by our unique Accelerator Challenge Guarantee:

If you don't feel you've made more progress in the 12 weeks of the challenge than you made the 12 months before - we'll refund every penny. No questions asked.

I have a saying in my business.

If I can't help you become a better bass player, I don't deserve your money.

So if you're not 100% blown away by the 90-day, Blues Accelerator Challenge, you get every single penny of your money back.
Progress previous students have experienced:
"Great community! We encourage each other, get ideas from each other- really really good!" - Merle P. (Canada)
"Gives you accountability - Great coaches - a little pressure to make videos which is quite rewarding!" - Bill F. (USA)
"After talking to my friends in ebassguitar, I enrolled and I am not regretting it at all. The course was so good!" - Bill B. (USA)
"We were doing Jazz Blues Standard starting from simple to complicated. You can do all the layers and apply them accordingly. I've gained confidence!" - Drazen D. (Croatia)
"I really find the structure of the challenge works well for me. My advice is just do it! take the challenge" - Paul
"The lessons were short, focused and well laid out. The learning materials were excellent and backing tracks were professionally made." - Terry S. (Canada)
Frequently Asked Questions
The Blues Accelerator Challenge is perfect for anyone who is a beginner to advanced bass player who wants to learn how to create sexy Blues bass lines, get challenged to be the best they can be by a supportive group of musicians and play world class Blues songs!
No - The course content is delivered by video lessons inside the eBassGuitar members area.
There are also 6 live coaching calls which you are encouraged to join.
We'll also record these so you can watch them at time which works for you if you can't make the live call.
No special equipment is needed for Challenge.
If you've got a bass and an amp and can view this webpage you'll be absolutely fine!
To submit videos all you need is either a webcam on your computer or simple smart phone. Super straight forward.
Our coaches or customers service team will be there to help you every step of the way if you get stuck.
No worries! You've got a lifetime access to everything you paid for. But we'd love for you to keep up with the 90 day challenge for a better result.
The Blues Accelerator Challenge is going "live" on March 7th.


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